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INVU by Nuvo™ is a maternal-fetal monitor that non-invasively measures and displays fetal heart rate (FHR) and maternal heart rate (MHR). The INVU Sensor Band™ acquires and displays the FHR and MHR tracings from abdominal surface electrodes that pick up the fetal heart biopotential and maternal heart biopotential signals, and from surface acoustic sensors that pick up the fetal PCG (fPCG; phonocardiogram) and the maternal PCG (mPCG; phonocardiogram) signals.

INVU by Nuvo™ is indicated for use by pregnant women who need documentation of fetal heart rate activity, and who are in their 32nd week of gestation (or later), with a singleton pregnancy. INVU by Nuvo™ is intended to be used for a maximum of five minutes.

The INVU by Nuvo™ maternal-fetal monitor is available by prescription only. It is intended for use in the antepartum period by healthcare professionals in healthcare facilities and by the patient in the patient’s home.

The INVU by Nuvo™ is not intended for use in the following situations: critical care, laboring patients and patients hospitalized for, or suspected to have, preterm labor.

The INVU by Nuvo™ platform is prescribed by your medical care team.

Once your health care team signs you up at the doctor's office, you'll receive a welcome e-mail prompting you to download the app, set your initial password, and log into the app.

If the delivery option was selected by your care team, expect your INVU kit to be delivered within 3 working days.

Once you received the "Welcome to INVU" email and set your initial password, use your email address and password to log into the INVU mobile app.

After a quick walk-through, you will be asked to connect your INVU Sensor Band to your account.

With your INVU app you can access your care plan, monitor you and your baby's heart rate and also track your blood pressure readings (if approved by your doctor).

Make sure to follow your OB care team instructions and conduct sessions according to your prescribed care plan.

The On/Off power-button is located in the center of the controller case.

INVU Sensor Band™ is powered ON by a short press on the power button.

INVU Sensor Band™ is powered OFF by a long press (longer than two seconds) on the power button.

If a connection to the INVU mobile app is not established within five minutes, the band will turn itself off automatically.

Before using the INVU Sensor Band™, the band and smartphone need to be paired. To connect the band for the first time, scan the band QR code.

To connect the INVU Sensor Band™ to the app you must enable Bluetooth on your smartphone. Location and camera access should be allowed, and location services should be turned on. The app will prompt you to allow these permissions.

To connect a new INVU Sensor Band™ to the app, turn on the device (a green light indicates the device is on) and press Connect in the app and then scan the QR code located on your band.

Each device can only be associated with one user account.

Scanning the QR code is only required for your initial connection. The next time

the band is activated, the Invu Sensor Band will automatically connect with your device (pending Bluetooth is enabled on your device).

No, a good stable internet connection is essential to initiate a session.

WI-FI connection is recommended, connect via cellular connection only if Wi-Fi isn’t available.

The care plan prescribed by your care team determines the minimal gestational week for starting a session. It also determines the total number of sessions prescribed and the duration of each session.

In addition, a session should be performed only during your clinic working hours.

These conditions are enforced by the INVU app and are reflected as part of the application home screen and care plan screen.

After each session, your care team will automatically receive your monitoring results for evaluation via the INVU secured health provider dashboard.

You can review your monitoring trends using the interactive timeline screen available from the INVU app menu.

  • Scrub your abdominal skin with soap and water and dry it properly before applying the band.
  • Ensure the sensors are fully attached to your body all the time.
  • Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Sessions are best performed in a comfortable position while lying down on the back, sitting or reclining in a quiet room.
  • Avoid movements during the monitoring process.
  • Pay attention to INVU app sounds and notifications during the session.
  • Avoid initiating or answering phone calls or the use of any highly consuming internet bandwidth applications of your smartphone during the signal quality check and the monitoring itself.

Press FORGOT PASSWORD on the App login screen or UPDATE

PASSWORD on your profile screen.

Enter your subscribed email address and press the SEND RECOVERY

LINK button.

An email with a link to a webpage where you can set a new password is sent to your email address. Press the BACK TO LOGIN button.

Enter the email address and the new password.

Press SIGN IN.

The INVU app requires:

  • At least 4.7 inches multi-touchscreen with at least 720 x 1280 pixels resolution.
  • Supported operating systems – iOS versions 13 or newer and Android versions 7 or newer.