The future of pregnancy care extends beyond the exam room

Nuvo’s innovative approach to remote pregnancy monitoring is improving the standard of care today and pioneering new care pathways tomorrow

The team at Nuvo works tirelessly everyday to give life a better beginning. What does that mean?

Here’s how one patient described it:

"I am confident that there is a direct connection between my being hospitalized on a hybrid basis, performing all the necessary pregnancy monitoring tests remotely through your monitoring belt, and the fact that my test results improved. I managed to maintain the pregnancy from week 32 to week 37 when the doctors were certain that I would need to be induced at week 34. Continue with your amazing work, and I believe that this service should be provided in every hospital in Israel and around the world."

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- Patient using INVU by NuvoTM

Nuvo believes a lack of innovation in pregnancy care has contributed to limited access to care, poor outcomes and high costs

Maternity care deserts are growing and now ~50% of US counties lack OB care

US maternal & fetal death rates are unacceptably high

US spends over $110B annually on pregnancy care - over half of that is spent on high risk pregnancies

That’s why Nuvo is enabling the next generation of pregnancy care

Legacy Care

Antiquated technology in resource intensive clinical settings.

Next Gen Care

Nuvo enables data-driven, actionable insights, anywhere, by everyone

Improving the standard of care today…

Providers & patients love Nuvo

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Partnering with market leaders to advance pregnancy care

Extensive clinical & regulatory validation

…and pioneering new care pathways for the future

Nuvo’s platform is used by some of the leading research institutions in the world to push the envelope of what’s possible in pregnancy care.

Meet the pioneers with a passion for transforming pregnancy care

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Learn about one customer’s experience with Nuvo


reduction in staff time spent on NST’s.


reduction in patient time spent per NST.


appointment no-show rates dropped.

92 / 100

NPS scores from patients and providers, respectively.

One out of 3

patients avoided OB-ED visits.


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Ready to learn more about Nuvo can help you and your patients?