Non-stress tests that fit into your life & schedule

Nuvo’s platform enables you to attend your NST appointments from your home, your office or wherever you prefer

“I think it’s awesome! This belt lets me stay home and monitor my baby by myself with no need to go back and forth for appointments.”

- Pregnant person using Nuvo

Patient Benefits

Pregnancy monitoring that fits in your life

For many patients, twice weekly NST’s in the last trimester are commonly prescribed. Instead of having to go into your doctor’s office or the clinic every time, Nuvo allows you to do those appointments from home or wherever is convenient for you.

Peace of mind

Nuvo is an regulatory-cleared (FDA) and clinically-validated medical device that gives your doctor all the information they need to complete non-stress tests.

Easy to use

Nuvo has been designed from day one to be easy to use by anyone. The device is easy to use and the mobile app guides you through everything you need to do for your NST appointments.

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Patients love Nuvo!

“I live almost an hour away from my clinic so the remote NST. helped save PTO, gas and time, and made it less stressful.”
How can we help?
“It gives you some of your life back”
How can we help?
“It was soooo easy to use and nice to do it at home!”
How can we help?

Next Generation Pregnancy Care

Next Generation Pregnancy Care

How it works

Nuvo’s FDA-cleared platform enables clinicians to conduct fetal non-stress NST’s with patients anywhere

OB prescribes INVU™️

OB prescribe INVU Sensory Band, and blood pressure (“BP”) cuff if necessary

Nuvo shipment

Nuvo ships device(s) to patient

Downloads app

Patient downloads app and registers device(s)

Patient View

Patient views meaningful data in INVU app

Clinician view

Provider sees comprehensive data through Provider Dashboard

Patient return

Patient returns device(s) to Nuvo

The INVU app provides training and guides you through the process

When you’re done, send everything back with the pre-paid shipping label

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