Pregnancy care needs innovation. Nuvo delivers.

Pregnancy care today is straining members, their families and their providers, while putting an enormous cost burden on payers.

“I’m excited to be able to offer INVU to our patients to reduce some of that burden, help address geographic and socioeconomic inequities, and enable us to maintain high quality care."

- Dr. Blake McLaughlin, Regional Medical Director for Women’s Health for Banner Health

Troubling trends Trends in Pregnancy Care Around Cost, Outcomes, and Access to Care


$110B+ in U.S. overall prenatal and neonatal care spending3, and growing 3% YoY3

20% of employer healthcare is for perinatal care annually5


52nd  U.S. ranking in global infant mortality rates¹

32% increase in the number of women experiencing both pregnancy and childbirth complications4

Easy to use

50% of U.S. counties do not have a practicing OB2

60% of (maternal) deaths could have been prevented if mothers had been able to more easily access quality prenatal and postpartum care.6

Nuvo can potentially address:

  • Reduction in OB-ED visits - see more on this below
  • Reduced extended hospitalization
  • Reduced admissions (prenatal and postpartum)
  • Increased compliance with prenatal visits, particularly NST’s
  • Reduction in NICU admissions
  • Reduction in NICU admissions

Learn about one customer’s experience with Nuvo

of all pregnancies spontaneously present to the OB-ED


is the annual cost to payers, resulting from the average OB-ED visit costs around $2000.


In average out-of-pocket cost savings for members

Cut in OB-ED Visits via Remote Triage for Fetal Movement

Many OB-ED visits are due to decreased fetal movement or patients that haven’t felt their baby move for an extended period of time. Nuvo has demonstrated the ability to reduce OB-ED visits by enabling clinicians to remotely triage patients before making the trip to the OB-ED.

One Nuvo customer has reported that  100% of patients who experienced decreased fetal movement were able to avoid a potential trip to the OB-ED by undergoing NST triage from home instead.

How it works

Nuvo’s FDA-cleared platform enables clinicians to conduct fetal non-stress NST’s with patients anywhere


Prescription-driven, clinician-initiated. Patients conduct NST’s only when scheduled by clinicians.


Patients conduct NST’s remotely using a monitoring band & free mobile app designed for use by non-clinicians


Maternal & fetal heart rates and uterine activity signals processed in the cloud


NST data transmitted in real-time for clinician interpretation

Payers are reimbursing under existing CPT code 59025 for NST’s

“In the interest of expanding access to care and improving member outcomes, we are writing today to confirm that CPT Code 59025 is reimbursable with a place of service modifier (12) for at-home monitoring with remote monitoring solutions that are FDA cleared for on-label use for monitoring fetal heart rate (FHR), maternal heart rate (MHR), and Uterine Activity (UA).”

FDA cleared & clinically validated 


Novel uterine contraction monitoring to enable remote, self-administered nonstress testing

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Utilization of a wireless monitoring device to perform nonstress tests in high-risk pregnancies from home

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Real-world benefits of the INVU remote fetal nonstress testing platform

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Next Generation Pregnancy Care

Next Generation Pregnancy Care

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