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Invu by Nuvo™ is an FDA cleared, medical grade platform designed for remote pregnancy monitoring. The patented technology embraces mothers as the point of care, and captures maternal and fetal vitals simultaneously that can be reviewed across all points of care, from the clinical office to home.

Wearable Technology

The Invu Sensor Band™ is lightweight and easy to use. It is designed for accuracy, reliability and uses passive technology for safety.

Dynamic Cloud Computing Environment

Invu by Nuvo is enabled by cloud-based data capture and management. Digital signal processing and proprietary algorithms analyze data, allowing you to observe changes and evaluate trends that inform decisions about each pregnancy.

Unique Data Access and Visualization for Clinician and Mom

  • Clinician dashboard enables health care professionals to access patient vitals for timely decision-making.
  • Parent-facing app serves as a digital bridge to doctors, empowering parents with insights into the development of their unborn child.

Potential Benefits

  • Lower costs
  • Maximized resources
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Enables physicians to deliver leading edge care

Based on results from a meta-analysis

The platform

INVU combines wearable technology with dynamic cloud-based data capture and visualization to provide pregnancy monitoring that is accurate and reliable.



core U.S. patents


granted patents worldwide


additional patents are pending


2020 CB Insights Digital Health 150
Nuvo Group has been recognized as one of the 150 most promising private digital health companies in the world

MEDICA® World Forum for Medicine
Top Innovative Company

Top 5 Wearable Health Problem Solver 2015

ImPACT Pediatric
Finalist in ImPACT Pediatric Health Pitch Competition
Finalist in Ernst & Young Digital Health Conference

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