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Nuvo enables fetal non-stress tests (NST’s) from anywhere

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“With platforms, such as INVU, I believe that we are on the cusp of a new era in maternal care, marked by safety, equity, and innovation.”

Dr. Blake McLaughlin

Women’s Health for Banner Health

Legacy Care

Antiquated technology in resource intensive clinical settings.

Next Gen Care

Nuvo enables data-driven, actionable insights, anywhere, by everyone

How it works

Nuvo’s FDA-cleared platform enables clinicians to conduct fetal non-stress NST’s with patients anywhere


Prescription-driven, clinician-initiated. Patients conduct NST’s only when scheduled by clinicians.


Patients conduct NST’s remotely using a monitoring band & free mobile app designed for use by non-clinicians


Maternal & fetal heart rates and uterine activity signals processed in the cloud


NST data transmitted in real-time for clinician interpretation

Manage multiple NST’s at the same time

Patients see useful, but not overly-detailed, information

Nuvo tech support team is monitoring every session so clinicians don’t have to do tech troubleshooting

Remote NST equipment and training fully managed by Nuvo

OB prescribes INVU™️

OB prescribe INVU Sensory Band, and blood pressure (“BP”) cuff if necessary

Nuvo shipment

Nuvo ships device(s) to patient

Downloads app

Patient downloads app and registers device(s)

Patient View

Patient views meaningful data in INVU app

Clinician view

Provider sees comprehensive data through Provider Dashboard

Patient return

Patient returns device(s) to Nuvo

Extensive research & clinical validation


Novel uterine contraction monitoring to enable remote, self-administered nonstress testing

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Utilization of a wireless monitoring device to perform nonstress tests in high-risk pregnancies from home

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Real-world benefits of the INVU remote fetal nonstress testing platform

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Providers and Patients love Nuvo

“I thought it was easy and intuitive. No problems navigating. I have my nurse enroll the patient, but reading the NST’s and interpreting very easy.”
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“It has been amazing! Huge impact on opening appointments times for other patients. Allows patients more freedom and the opportunity to save PTO.”
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“We love INVU!”
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“I live almost an hour away from my clinic so the remote NST. helped save PTO, gas and time, and made it less stressful.”
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“It gives you some of your life back”
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“It was soooo easy to use and nice to do it at home!”
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Learn about one customer’s experience with Nuvo


reduction in staff time spent on NST’s.


reduction in patient time spent per NST.


appointment no-show rates dropped.

92 / 100

NPS scores from patients and providers, respectively.

One out of 3

patients avoided OB-ED visits.

Patents & Certifications


Core U.S. patents


Granted Patents Worldwide


Additional Patents Pending

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