There’s a better way to do NST’s

Nuvo’s platform enables you to conduct NST’s with patients wherever they are

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“It has been amazing! Huge impact on opening appointments times for other patients. Allows patients more freedom and the opportunity to save PTO.”

- OBGYN using Nuvo

Clinicians Benefits

Expand access to care

Nuvo’s FDA-cleared remote monitoring platform enables your patients to conduct NST’s from home, their office, or any other quiet space.

Enhance operational efficiency

Run multiple remote NST’s simultaneously, saving staff time and opening exam rooms for other appointments

Improve patient satisfaction

Give patients part of their life back with NST's without the travel, PTO, or other issues.

Remote triage to avoid OB-ED visits

When a patient calls in considering going to the OB-ED, use Nuvo to make a data-driven decision on the situation. In many cases, unnecessary OB-ED visits can be avoided.

Next Generation Pregnancy Care

Next Generation Pregnancy Care

How it works

Nuvo’s FDA-cleared platform enables clinicians to conduct fetal non-stress NST’s with patients anywhere


Prescription-driven, clinician-initiated. Patients conduct NST’s only when scheduled by clinicians.


Patients conduct NST’s remotely using a monitoring band & free mobile app designed for use by non-clinicians


Maternal & fetal heart rates and uterine activity signals processed in the cloud


NST data transmitted in real-time for clinician interpretation

Reimbursed under existing CPT code 59025 for NST’s

NST’s conducted with Nuvo’s platform are reimbursable under existing global CPT code 59025

FDA cleared & clinically validated 


Novel uterine contraction monitoring to enable remote, self-administered nonstress testing

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Utilization of a wireless monitoring device to perform nonstress tests in high-risk pregnancies from home

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Real-world benefits of the INVU remote fetal nonstress testing platform

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Learn about one customer’s experience with Nuvo


reduction in staff time spent on NST’s.


reduction in patient time spent per NST.


appointment no-show rates dropped.

92 / 100

NPS scores from patients and providers, respectively.

One out of 3

patients avoided OB-ED visits.

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