Nuvo is pioneering a new remote monitoring platform to offer a better beginning to babies and better care for moms-to-be. It is digital, scalable, and clinically proven. The future of maternity is coming. Explore it here.

Smart use of Big Data

Our platform is designed to collect Big Data, feeding AI and predictive analytics to precisely identify patterns and highlight potential problems.

The best solution for mom

The only medical grade platform designed for monitoring pregnancy outside the doctor’s office, making care more responsive, as well as saving mom time and hassle.

A window into the womb

The platform accurately captures a wide range of vitals simultaneously from mom and baby, including mom’s heartbeat and fetal heartbeat, movement and position.

Advanced wearables

The Invu system, powered by state-of-the-art dry ECG and digital acoustic sensors, is launching in 2019. More wearables using the Nuvo platform will follow.

Connecting mom to a community care

Mom and her partner can see the health of her baby in real-time via a patient-facing app, while her medical care team has access to a clinical dashboard for agile decision-making.

One platform. Infinite possiblities.

Our open data platform will become the heart of a maternity movement, with medical pioneers and entrepreneurs creating their own specialized solutions.

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Invo by Nuvo

Invu by Nuvo is designed to transform the care of moms with high-risk pregnancies in the third trimester.

Monitor Session
Monitor Session

The incredibly accurate Invu sensor band picks up mom’s heartbeat, the baby’s heartbeat and movement, including position in the womb.

Powered by state-of-the-art dry ECG and digital acoustic sensors
Designed and tested for accuracy, reliability, and safety

for investigation use only

Additional devices will also be available as part of the Invu system for even better data capture.

Additional devices will also be available as part of the Invu system for even better data capture.

Mom and her loved ones will be able to see their baby’s vitals and activity - wherever and whenever they like - on the app.
And Mom will be connected to their medical care team in real-time, so they get the care they need when they need it. It also means lower costs and time saved for healthcare providers.
Altogether, Invu by Nuvo means a better beginning for babies and a lot more empowerment for third trimester moms.

The Nuvo platform is
globally protected by over 60 patents

This includes wearable devices and digital signal processing algorithms